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Everest Golden Jubilee: Treasured Moments in Kathmandu

Mahendran, Mohanadas & Rainwalker represent Malaysia at Everest Golden Jubilee Celebrations in KathmanduRainwalker Tenzing wishes to thank the Tenzing family for those treasured moments in Kathmandu, where due to their efforts Rainwalker was accorded recognition normally reserved for the world's elite summiteers.

from left: Mahendran, Jamling, Chandra and Mohanadas.

Edmund HillaryOur Malaysian counterparts, Mahendran and Mohandas were surprised to see a third malaysian there and we had some wonderful moments with them. Our first emotions were that we were representatives of our nation and when the Malaysian flag was unfurled by Mahendran and Mohanadas at the end of the symposium for a photo of Jamling, Mahendran, Mohanadas and Chandra there was some huge interest generated about the Malaysian Everest conquest among the foreign press. The symposium, the royal audience and the gala dinner were events that were a fitting tribute to the Golden jubilee.

Edmund Hillary

Interview JamlingCongratulations on a glorious celebration to The Himalayan Trust Advisory Board & 50th Anniversary of Mount Everest Celebration Committee with Sir Edmund Hillary and Rainwalker expresses its gratitude to them for their kind invitation to attend all the pinnacle events of EGJ.

Interview Jamling Tenzing

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